I’m not a lover of the winter, infact the idea of hibernating from November through to March is entirely acceptable in my book. Having said that ironically I’m outdoors most days and that means I feel the seasons more accutely than most and I certainly feel the cold!……


The temptation is to cocoon yourself indoors in the warm and this often means that the kids do the same. As a mum of two boys if we had a winter lock down like that… well lets just say, they would have perfected their WWF skills (that’s not World Wildlife Fund!) and I would probably have a gin close to hand! Kids need to let of steam and spending time outdoors is perfect way to do that. So I’ve put together my top 5 ways to get them out and about this winter.

Before I start … everyone has heard the saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” …need I say more. Get the gear – gloves, hats, layers, warm waterproof boots, fleece lined waterproofs. It will make yours and their lives so much happier.


  1. Go on a Treasure hunt! Don’t let the dark stop you. A treasure hunt is alway a hit, add in that they are doing it in the dark with torch/headtorches. AWESOME! Keep the hiding places fairly obvious as it can be tricky finding things with just a torch. You could also get the kids to paint stones with glow in the dark paint and then hide those around the garden.
  2. Light a fire. They can help you build it, finding sticks and dry leaves to start it off with. Then once its going it’s time to start toasting the crumpets and marshmallows. Having the fire going will also encourage the kids to play outside and then come over to the fire for a warm up before going off to play again.
  3. Plant up a container to give some winter colour. These are perfect for putting outside your front door so you have a cheery welcome home and the kids can check if it needs water. You could include plants like heather, cyclamen and winter pansies all of which will provide great colour.
  4. Go on a nature hunt. Whether it’s in the back garden, local park or woods with a little bit of preparation they can be occupied for hours. Check out this idea from Naturewalkz
  5. Make a bird feeder or mini bug hotel. Don’t forget the wildlife, we’re not the only ones that feel the cold. Lots of creatures in the garden will be needing shelter and extra food is always welcome. Try making bird feeders or mini bug hotels and pop them around the garden. This could also tie in with the kids going on a bug hunt to see what sort of creatures live in their garden. I’ll be putting up posts about making bird feeders and mini bug hotels shortly so keep an eye out.

Most importantly have fun, oh and don’t forget to take a flask of hot chocolate with you on your adventures!

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