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Completed Creations & Chomping!

The sun has shone for us this week and we have a great time in the Tiny Trowels garden. The colourful pots the Tiny Trowelers were busy painting last term look brilliant. We’ve planted the gladioli into these pots and they are now ready to give to someone special on Sunday (Dad’s you haven’t read this!!). We’ve also had fun picking and shelling broad beans along with tasting mangetout and some gorgeously sweet strawberries! 😀

Pot Painting & Planting!

A busy week with the Tiny Trowelers. Torrential rain didn’t manage to dampen spirits and we all got stuck into some fun gardening activities!

Pot Painting has started and we’ll be building up with different colours each week to create unique little pots for the kids to take home and grow things in.