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kids harvesting potatoes

Growing potatoes with kids has to be one of my favourite things to grow. Not only are potatoes really simple they are also great fun to harvest. Like anything that grows underground it’s like buried treasure when it comes to digging it u. You never know how many you are going to find or what funny shapes and sizes they are going to be. Continue reading



Not all seeds are created equal! Some are nice and easy to grow and others are a little more particular about conditions before they even attempt to poke their head above compost. If you are gardening with kids you want successes……… Continue reading


I’m not a lover of the winter, infact the idea of hibernating from November through to March is entirely acceptable in my book. Having said that ironically I’m outdoors most days and that means I feel the seasons more accutely than most and I certainly feel the cold!…… Continue reading

Autumn Fun

Completed Creations & Chomping!

The sun has shone for us this week and we have a great time in the Tiny Trowels garden. The colourful pots the Tiny Trowelers were busy painting last term look brilliant. We’ve planted the gladioli into these pots and they are now ready to give to someone special on Sunday (Dad’s you haven’t read this!!). We’ve also had fun picking and shelling broad beans along with tasting mangetout and some gorgeously sweet strawberries! 😀

Potions & Painting

A great week in the Tiny Trowels garden! The Tiny Trowelers have been busy putting the finishing coat of paint on their colourful pots. We have also been brewing up some special potions to help our plants grow big and strong (no newt or frog were harmed during potion making!).  The sunflowers are growing nicely, competition is not yet fierce. That said there was a lot of watering going on by some! Once the potions are ready we may have some world record breakers!!

It’s half term next week so I will see you all the following week. Have a lovely break!

Pot Painting & Planting!

A busy week with the Tiny Trowelers. Torrential rain didn’t manage to dampen spirits and we all got stuck into some fun gardening activities!

Pot Painting has started and we’ll be building up with different colours each week to create unique little pots for the kids to take home and grow things in.



Tin can planters for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day surpriseThe Tiny Trowelers have been busy planting pansies for their Mummy’s. The old baked bean cans look great and their little fingers were perfect for this fiddly task (unlike mine!).

tin can plantersLook at that concentration using the water sprayers to water their pots

tin can plantersAll finished!

tin can planters





Seeds & Snack-time!

Today the Tiny Trowelers were looking at seeds of all shapes and sizes. We had a seed hunt around the garden and used water squirters to shoot at the different seeds we found (I seemed to be mistaken for a giant seed on several occasions which resulted in a lot of chuckling!). We then used playdough to make impressions of the different shapes and explore the patterns they left.


In amongst all this exploration was of course snack-time. Say ‘CHEESE’!!

Tiny Trowels