Mud, Glorious Mud!

Great sessions this week with the Tiny Trowelers….. what’s not to love about mud painting! Take a good dollop of mud, add water till you have the perfect brown paint and then, go crazy. We had mud monsters coming out of mud caves, mud handprints, mud paint flicking, ┬áthere was even a mud me painted on the tree (thank you Darcie, I love my big smiley face)!

We also planted up some grass egg heads that the Tiny Trowelers will grow on at home and eventually they will need a haircut! I may give mine a mohican, watch this space and feel free to share your pictures!

Tin can planters for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day surpriseThe Tiny Trowelers have been busy planting pansies for their Mummy’s. The old baked bean cans look great and their little fingers were perfect for this fiddly task (unlike mine!).

tin can plantersLook at that concentration using the water sprayers to water their pots

tin can plantersAll finished!

tin can planters





Seeds & Snack-time!

Today the Tiny Trowelers were looking at seeds of all shapes and sizes. We had a seed hunt around the garden and used water squirters to shoot at the different seeds we found (I seemed to be mistaken for a giant seed on several occasions which resulted in a lot of chuckling!). We then used playdough to make impressions of the different shapes and explore the patterns they left.


In amongst all this exploration was of course snack-time. Say ‘CHEESE’!!

Tiny Trowels