“This is without doubt my sons favourite group to date. He truely loves it, so much so he’s waiting at the door long before we need to leave. Alison takes time to really engage with all the children and they always seem to be hanging off every word she says – something i’m yet to achieve! George has learnt so much in this very informal yet informative little group. Lets not ignore the fact that its lovely to sit in Alison’s lovely warm kitchen eating fabulous cake whilst the children work up a sweat in the great outdoors (the lovely garden). Tiny Trowels is the group I would recommend to anyone who was local enough to attend. I can’t wait for when my daughter is old enough to join too!”
Laura Davis             

“My 3 year old daughter loves her weekly trips to Alison’s garden with her interest in gardening and wildlife blossoming since attending.  Alison is fabulous with the children offering activities that combine both play and learning, Darcy and her pals have so much fun. I don’t know how Alison does it but she just has the gift of captivating the children’s attention whether they are making mud pies, learning about plants, sowing seeds or making bird feeders, which was a particular favourite of Darcy’s. And whilst the children are out enjoying the garden whatever the weather (one particularly rainy day springs to mind), us mums get to indulge in a cup of tea accompanied by a delicious homemade cake in the comfort of the warm kitchen.  I’m so pleased we found Tiny Trowels and look forward to hearing Darcy’s tales from the greenhouse every week.”
Louise Sutton

“Of all the activities we have tried with Joe this is the one that he (and I) love the most. The activities Alison does with them range from basic skills, like digging (the favourite so far!) and planting through to making mud pies and seasonal creative pieces such as the autumn tree collages. He enjoys every minute, even in the freezing cold and pouring rain. The cake and tea for the mommy’s is also a huge pull! Thanks Alison for such a fun, creative and inspiring class.” 
Jenny Startin