I’m an outdoorsy kind of gal.  I remember as a kid spending hours outside gardening with my Dad. I can clearly remember creating my first little garden in an old sandstone sink – complete with a miniature conifer (they were fashionable back then!).  I also spent many a happy afternoon sitting by our gooseberry bushes eating one after another, perhaps not the snack of choice for most 6 year old’s but I couldn’t resist!


Perhaps it was obvious back then that I would end up working in the world of gardening. I gained a degree in Horticulture that then lead to a career in garden design.  I was lucky enough that as a designer I was involved in projects all over the world and also helped to create two Show Gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Since my children came along I have had the yearning for more hands-on gardening, away from the drawing board.  I know how much I gained as a child spending time in the garden and I see how much my boys enjoy it and so Tiny Trowels was born!