Air plant (Tillandsia)

I first came across air plants as a horticultural student many moons ago. I was fascinated by them, sadly they were not something you could just pick up in your local garden centre. Fast forward nearly 2 decades and the house plant market is booming…….

And amongst them you can now find lots of different air plants to choose from. Finally I get to indulge my fascination!

Air plants (Tillandsia) – as the name suggests these little beauties live in the air, no need for soil, compost or earth of any discription. In their natural habitat they would live on the branches of trees or rocks. The fact they can grow whilst hanging in mid air and are amazingly easy to look after makes them absolutely wonderful plants for kids!

Don’t be fooled by the advice offered in many garden centres to mist your plants weekly. Tillandsias need more than a misting, they like a good bath! I submerge mine in a bowl full of rainwater once a week during winter and this will go up to twice a week during the summer. They soak in the tub for around 30mins – 1 hour, I then shake them off and pop them back in a bright place in the house that’s not in direct sunlight.
Air plant (Tillandsia) having a bath

I am planning to add to my collection of air plants and I’ve found a great site online called Love Tillys  which has a really wide variety to choose from. They also offer an Air plant beginners collection which I may get for my eldest who seems to have acquired my fascination for these little plants. I’ll keep you posted how we get on.Air plant - Tillandsia

As for how we are going to display our air plants. I haven’t decided yet. I quite like the look of a gnarly branch with the air plants tucked into the nooks and crannies. Once I’ve decided and I’m happy with the display I’ll pop photos on here to show you.

If you want to take a look at other ideas for displaying air plants you can check out my board on Pinterest.

If you grow air plants already how do you display yours?

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