This year we’ve taken over an entire border to grow flowers for cutting and it’s been a real success. Kids are drawn to the bright colours of flowers and often whilst you’re not looking they will have picked your prized blooms before you have a chance to notice. So why not try growing some plants that will provide them with all the picking opportunities they need. They can enjoy picking the flowers and you can relax knowing the rest of the blooms in your garden are safe.

With that in mind I wanted to share with you my top three plants that we have grown here this year. The reason they have made it to the top three is they are easy to grow, they flowers over a long period of time and they can be grown from seed/tubers so they are pretty cheap.

First up….

CALENDULA – (pot marigold)

These are so easy to grow from seed. Infact they have sown themselves here for the past 3 years! Popping up from seed dropped by the previous years plant…Voila, easy peasy! An added bonus is the petals are edible so they are a beautiful addition sprinkled in a salad.



Possibly one of my favorite flowers… beautiful colours and a wonderful fragrance. Again these are easy to grow from seed and apart from needing something to climb up are very undemanding plants. The more you pick the more flowers will be produced and at the height of flowering you could easily be picking every day.

sweet peas


I have for many years been a fan of Dahlias and although they’ve come in and out of fashion over the years they are very much en vogue now and there really is a Dahlia for everyone. They are grown from tubers and these can be lifted and stored over winter or you can get new ones each year. They flower later in the season and will carry on producing blooms until the first frosts.

These three choices will provide your little ones with flowers to pick from June through to November. They may decide to pick them to make perfume, potions, stick on paper, float in water or if you’re lucky give to you. If you want anymore information about growing these plants please leave a comment.

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